Familiar Face at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel Named Executive Chef

Kristian Young has called a handful of cities home. His journey has brought him across the country, landing in Erie as the Executive Chef for the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel. He’s lived in Chicago, Oregon, Los Angeles and Scottsdale. Young says he’s now grown his own roots in the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania and doesn’t seem himself leaving anytime soon. The Bayfront Grille isn’t the first Erie restaurant he’s worked in though. Young started his career in Erie as a Sous Chef at the Avalon Hotel, then moved to the Erie Club as a Sous Chef and most recently working at the Sheraton as a Sous Chef since 2011.

His talents are staying at the Sheraton Bayfront Grille, but will be used in a┬ánew capacity as the Executive Chef. He learned his craft at Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona, remembering the sweltering heat while cooking during the summer months. Young now has four seasons to craft a menu around — summer, fall, winter and spring — each giving him the chance to show his creative side. “French Continental Fusion — French paired with American is my favorite to cook,” he says. Young’s unique style in the kitchen comes from his time spent in nearly every region of the U.S. That, he says, allows him to bring national and international influences into his recipes at Erie’s magnificent waterfront restaurant. During his time as a Sous Chef at the Sheraton, the Bayfront Grille was awarded the #1 status within the Sheraton brand for the last two years.

“It would be foolish not to want to be [the Executive Chef],” Young said. “It’s one of the premier restaurant in the region and that’s why I want to be here.” It’s now up to Young to prove himself within the company and the region — a goal he says comes with his new title.

Young’s first day in his new role will be November 22nd. He wants Erie residents who have yet to dine at the restaurant to stop in, reminding everyone that although the restaurant is located in a hotel, it’s not just for guests to enjoy. Young compares it to other local restaurants in the same price range saying, “You can go elsewhere, but you’ll only leave here full and satisfied.”

Restaurant hours are Monday through Saturday 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM; Sunday 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM with hours extended Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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