Be Careful When Buying Tickets

by Brandon Boyd, Coordinator of Communications and Client Relations

If someone came to the Erie Insurance Arena, purchased a small popcorn for $2.50, and then turned around and offered to sell it to you for $15, would you buy it?


So why do that when it comes to tickets?

It seems obvious when we plug in other items, but when it comes to tickets, we find that every once in a while people purchase their ticket from a third-party vendor.

We only sell tickets at or in our box office. Any other website, AKA a third-party vendor, is serving as a middleman and taking money from you. They are purchasing tickets from us and reselling them to you at a higher price. Or, even more dangerously, they could be selling you a ticket they don’t actually have.

When you Google search “erie events tickets” or other similar search terms, these third-party vendors will pay to disguise themselves as the top link for the search. If you see “ad” by the listing, it’s likely not us. We are ONLY at

TICKETEXAMPLEwitheditsJust as an example, I pulled a ticket for Trans Siberian Orchestra (now on sale!) for the 8 p.m. showing on November 21. To keep it all equal, I even chose the same section. In this case, I chose section 208. The Erie Events price includes fees; the other sites do not.

  • price: $49.25
  • Bad Ticket Site 1: $73
  • Bad Ticket Site 2: $74
  • Bad Ticket Site 3: $81
  • Bad Ticket Site 4: $150

Yikes! Big difference, right?

If you’re overpaying for tickets you can get from us for cheaper, you’re getting played like the music at the concert you’re going to. If you’re extremely picky about your seats and we’ve sold the exact ones you’re looking for, perhaps it may be worth exploring your options. It’s likely we’ll be able to get you into seats you will like, however, and we recommend going through us for all your ticketing needs.



See you soon at Or give us a call at 814-452-4857. Or, if you’re nearby, just come to the box office!


A Day In The Life: The First Day with the New Coordinator of Communications and Client Relations

By Brandon Boyd

I started my first day off in the wrong parking area.

I didn’t know, of course. I was waiting to meet my new boss, Casey Wells, and I even parked early – 8:50 a.m. Then 8:50 turned to 9, 9 turned to 9:05, and 9:05 turned to “oh, no.”

Finally, at 9:06, Casey, our executive director here at Erie Events, found me and motioned for me. “We’re over here!”

I’d like to think my first morning represents what I’ve seen so far at my first week at Erie Events: there’s a whole lot going on and plenty of different options.

If you’re at Erie Insurance Arena, perhaps you’re here for an Otters game. Or a Bayhawks game. A concert, perhaps. Or, yes, maybe even a graduation.

If you’re at the Warner Theatre, you might be seeing a musical. A comedian. Or, maybe, “A Chorus Line,” which comes to the Warner on March 1 (tickets on sale now!)

Come to the Bayfront Convention Center and you might be there for a meeting, a dance, a luncheon, or more.

And, of course, if you’re visiting us at UPMC Park, chances are you’re seeing our trusty Erie SeaWolves.

No wonder we say ‘it’s all right here.’

There’s so much to do entertainment-wise here in Erie, and part of my job is to make you aware of just how many options we really have. You’ll find me all over – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit – and I’ll always take suggestions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our Social Media platforms or email me at…just don’t ask me about parking!