History In Erie Insurance Arena

by Brandon Boyd, Coordinator of Communications and Client Relations


An example of some posters we have.

You’ve probably been at the Erie Insurance Arena for concerts and games, but the one spot you’ve likely never been in within the Arena is our administrative office.

It’s pretty cool, actually. Engelbert Humperdinck stares longingly into my office. Ozzy Osbourne joins us for meetings. Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly fame greets me every time I microwave my lunch.

It’s not exactly as it sounds, though. They’re just autographed posters from shows that these artists have completed. Which is probably for the best, as I’d be weirded out if I had someone actually staring into my office.

The walls of our administrative offices are lined with these posters from events. I was born in 1991, and while I hate to date some of the people here in this building, there are posters older than I am. It’s neat to see.

They bring about memories and fond times here in Erie. I have one poster in my office — it’s not signed, but it’s still neat to me. It’s from a then-WWF event at Erie Insurance Arena. It reminds of fond memories as a kid waiting in line at the Arena and at Giant Eagle to get tickets for wrestling events. The tinge of nostalgia I get each time looking at the poster always gives me a warm feeling.

We still collect posters, signed and unsigned, from those performing here. Obtaining autographs falls typically falls on Dawn Betza, our marketing coordinator, who does a great job of working with each promoter and performer.

The result of it all is cool — you get to see a great show, we get to enjoy it, too, and then we get a memento to remember it by.

Here’s our question: If you could get an autograph or poster from any performer in Erie Insurance Arena history, who would it be?


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