Spring on the Bayfront!

by Ariana Malizia, Event Coordinator

As the warmer weather is upon us, we’re taking more and more time to walk from our cars in the parking lot to our respective offices and cubicles. We notice more pastel colors, birds chirping, soft breezes, and the sun glittering off the bay. Other natural sights that may catch your attention are the plants that are lining the Bayfront Convention Center and Bayfront Complex.

Some of the plants lining the Bayfront Landing Campus are Pin Oaks, Evergreens, Saw Grasses and Day Lilies. While Evergreens are well known, information regarding other flora may not be as common.


An example of a Pin Oak tree.

Pin Oaks are favored in landscaping along roadways and sidewalks, as they are relatively easy to transplant. The trees grow well in wet conditions and can withstand moderate flooding, which makes it an optimal choice to have around the Bay Area.

Saw Grasses originate in the Southern, swampier regions of the Country (most commonly in the Everglades). While this grass does have ridges that have the ability to cause (minimal) harm to humans, it is a preferred nesting area for ducks and geese due to the nutrients within the grass seeds and roots along with the camouflage it provides.

Day Lilies are perennials, they thrive in areas that produce the most sunlight. These plants are toxic to felines, so be sure to avoid using them as your kitchen centerpiece! An interesting fact about Daylilies: the leaves can be ingested by humans! This is most typical in Chinese cultures, where the petals are either eaten as they are or dried and sold for consumption (used in foods like hot and sour soup, and moo shu pork).

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