Peace, Love and Camaraderie

By Lisa DiLuzio, Director of Marketing and Sales

I’m all about positivity. And connections. My home is your home, kumbaya, etc. My office on the second floor of the Bayfront Convention Center is all about spreading the love.

We recently added three staff members from the Sheraton to our offices. It’s not a whole heck of a lot different, but the move went well. We’ve had joint meetings together, we include them in our potlucks, and we make sure they feel included.

Within our office, it has helped to build synergy, camaraderie, and it’s maximized our space.

But perhaps even more importantly, it means more benefits to our customers.

We can be even faster and more efficient with our turnaround. Being able to pitch together, and not just separately, means an easier time for our customers. Socially, in the summertime, we’ll all be able to help out brides. With wedding blocks alone, now the Bayfront Convention Center and room blocks go hand-in-hand, and before you even hang up the phone or walk away from your meeting with the bride, your next connection is already right there.

It’s a more natural situation for all. It’s an easier flow for the consumer. And we’re enjoying it, too. That’s what we call a win-win.

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