The Secret Keeper

by Brandon Boyd, Communications Coordinator

I’ve never been one for keeping secrets.

I do try really, really hard. When people tell me things, I like to be a trusted confidant. If it’s serious and personal, I make sure to keep it on lock-down.

But when it’s something fun that other people might be interested in — yikes!

It’s my dilemma every time I receive word of a new show coming in. When I’m in a meeting and hear the buzz about Chris Stapleton choosing to come to Erie, or when rumored names discuss whether they can make Erie work in their schedule or not, I instantly want to go to everyone in Erie and say “HEY, GUESS WHAT!”

Top secret grunge retro isolated stampMy job doesn’t allow for that, though. While it is my job to promote events and provide a great experience for you at them, I can only talk about them when I’m allowed to. Show promoters typically have announce dates and a whole schedule on when the public can first learn of a show, when tickets go on sale, etc.

So it’s often me sitting on a secret like it’s attached to an airbag just waiting to go off. And when it finally goes public, BOOM! It’s all across our social media, on local radio stations, television, etc.

I chose this topic because, once again, I’m holding a secret that will be announced this Tuesday. There’s definitely a large crowd of people who will like this upcoming announcement! Stay tuned!

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