Expos Offer Exceptional Experiences

by Brandon Boyd, Communications Coordinator

It’s Expo season at the Bayfront Convention Center, and it couldn’t be a better time.

I IMG_1784say that not only as an employee, but also as a consumer.

I’ve attended two events in the past two weeks at the Bayfront Convention Center as a visitor, andnot an employee, and enjoyed my time at both.

I first attended the Erie Kennel Club Dog Show. Despite the bad winter weather, my girlfriend and I drove down to the Bayfront Convention Center to check out the Show. Some people are fans of football teams. Others, baseball teams. We’re fans of dogs.

We found ourselves cheering for the dogs as they went by and commenting on just how cute each dog was. We got to meet some of our ‘favorite’ dogs after the event and pet each of them and tell them how good they are. What’s a more enjoyable time than that?

This week, my brother, my dad and I came to the Bayfront Convention Center for the Erie County Automobile Association Auto Show. We looked at all kinds of cars – a 1967 car just like the one my Dad used to own back in the day, cars we wanted to get one day, cars we could never afford, cars with new gadgets and gizmos and gearshifts – but perhaps the most important thing we did was spend time with each other.

I know, I know, cue up the sappy music and start the Hallmark movie. But it was legitimately a nice time to spend with family.

I’m not a huge car guy. I drive a car, obviously, but I’m not a mechanical person. My dad and brother know more than I do, and I was able to ask them any questions I had. But these are the kinds of moments I’ll remember when I look back one day. Whether it’s petting puppies with my girlfriend, hearing my dad talk about how he sold his 1967 Corvette for $1,700 in the 70’s and thinking he got a steal, or getting into the driver’s seat of trucks and sports cars with my brother and commenting on how they felt, they’re all good memories.

Those are the kinds of things offered at our venues. Not just events, but memories.

See you next week at the RV & Motorcycle Expo.

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