Updates on ‘Best Summer Night’ and More

by Brandon Boyd, Coordinator of Communications and Client Relations

Famous cartoon dog Snoopy used to sit atop his doghouse as a self-imagined world darkandstormy_5013famous author and start each of his writings the same way: “It was a dark and stormy night.”

Snoopy could have wrote the same for June 22 of this year when Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton were supposed to be playing at Presque Isle State Park.

Unfortunately for all involved, “Best Summer Night” became “Dark and Stormy Night” and the decision was made by the Presque Isle Partnership to postpone the concert. The threat of lightning, heavy wind gusts and rain were too unpredictable to green light the show.

We assisted with ticketing and set-up for the concert, and we’ve received plenty of calls and messages about the concert. First, let us say, yes, the concert is being rescheduled. We should have a new date for everyone very soon. Stay tuned for that!

We understand the frustration over the initial concert being postponed, and when you couple that with Dierks Bentley’s cancellation of his concert at Erie Insurance Arena, there has been a bit of pessimism from some on the state of concerts and events here.

A couple notes from us:

  1. When we post about an event and you comment “Will this one get canceled too?” we’ve already seen it. At least try to come up with something new!
  2. Cancellations and postponements are an unfortunate part of the game. That said, they are a rarity and the majority of our shows go off without a hitch.
  3. We have and will continue to bring you the best possible lineup we can. We’re very excited about a lot of the shows we have coming up. Jerry Seinfeld is nearly sold out. REO Speedwagon is doing great. Family opportunities like Monster Jam, Sesame Street and Disney on Ice are all going to be great times. And we have more to announce as the summer develops! It’s an exciting time at Erie Events.

So, in closing, stay tuned from us on a reschedule date to Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton and also keep watching for announcements of new shows! And, yes, we’ll make sure to avoid dark and stormy nights to continue ensuring we’re offering the very best to Erie and the surrounding tri-state region.

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