Off-Season at Arena Welcome, But Not a Complete Break

By Ray Williams, Director of Sports Facilities

Just like in a sports league, here at the Erie Insurance Arena we have an off-season, too.

This time of year is a time of rest and recuperation for the staff and for the building. While we certainly enjoy the Otters and BayHawks, switching between ice and basketball courts and making sure all runs smoothly can be a taxing endeavor.

That said, when we say off-season, it doesn’t mean the work stops completely — we’re not lounging around outside of the Arena laying in a hammock sunbathing! It only means we have less event activity and can dedicate more time to take stock of what needs repaired, what needs replaced, and how we can make positive changes for our patrons.

We’re almost halfway through our off-season and as we look toward the rest of the summer and then the fall, we have about three more months before the Otters training camp begins and another exciting season can commence. We have a lot of work to do between now and then, and we look forward to welcoming our fans back to the Arena on a consistent basis when hockey starts!


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