Staying Environmentally Friendly

By Ariana Malizia, Event Coordinator

Is Mother Earth as happy to host our existence as we are to inhabit her? Probably not. As a proud tree hugger, I do my own individual part to lower my carbon footprint, by either using environmentally-friendly products or recycling paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and steel; unfortunately, though, I am guilty of not always doing so.

While I am an alum of Edinboro University, I recognize and appreciate Gannon University for their role in generating back in 2012. Through their efforts, the movement gained momentum and is now responsible for an abundance of Green activities that take place around our humble city. Their mission is to educate new environmentalists (and businesses) of tips and how-to instructions for a cleaner world and a better, more sustainable future.

There are a number of businesses in the Erie Area who have chosen to go Green. One of the which is the obvious example of Whole Foods Co-Op: Natural Foods & Café. Not so obvious examples include Romolo Chocolates, Smith Provision Company, the Brewerie at Union Station, the Erie Art Museum, Erie Insurance and so many more. Most, if not all, of the mentioned companies (and others not mentioned) are a part of RecyclErie, an initiative that provides the following items to those who sign up:  Staff training on proper recycling procedures, indoor recycle bins, a certification of participation, a window decal, and free advertising.

During my free time, I genuinely enjoy biking, kayaking, hiking and camping, and visiting Presque Isle. Other green activities consist of geocaching (if you have never tried it, DO!), gardening, swimming, bird watching, fishing, hunting responsibly, and more.

As active citizens in this wonderful community, we alone are responsible to repair and maintain the atmosphere, and to provide proper care instructions for future residents.

Recycling centers in Erie:
Liberty Iron and Metal, at 1413 East Avenue, Erie, PA 16503
Lincoln Recycling, at 1602 Selinger Avenue, Erie, PA 16505
County Recycling Convenience Center, at 1624 Filmore Avenue, Erie, PA 16505
Geosource, at 1631 East Avenue, Erie, PA 16503
Millfair Compost and Recycling, at 2301 Millfair Road, Erie, PA 16506
Dirt Works Organics, at 4735 Shannon Road, Erie, PA 16510

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