Advice on Getting a Meet and Greet Pass

From the desk of Dawn Betza, Erie Events Marketing Coordinator:

In the past 15 years, I’ve been asked a million times over “How do I get backstage?” The best possibility…plan ahead. If you come up to me the night of the show and say “Can I meet the band?” or “The singer is from my hometown, can I get his autograph?”, the answer will always be no – sad, but true. Any type of meet and greet is arranged months in advance and many people, such as tour managers, show promoters, record labels and artists themselves, must approve every detail.

Here’s my advice on getting a meet and greet pass:

  1. Join the artist fan club. Many clubs allow their members to purchase exclusive meet and greet packages. They may also offer special contests to win passes.
  2. Sponsoring radio/TV stations. These stations help promote the show and typically secure passes. They are given away through various online/on air promotions, remotes, etc.
  3. Concert sponsors. A beer manufacturer or carbonated beverage company may be sponsoring the tour for the artist and have passes available.
  4. VIP packages. These have become increasingly popular in the past few years and are the easiest way to obtain a pass; however, they come with a high price tag. Packages can range from $200-$1,500.

There’s no doubt about it, meet and greets are very exciting and a great way to rub elbows with your favorite artist, but they are not all created equaly. Unless you pay for a VIP package, you will not get any special treatment. More than likely, you’ll get a photo, but anything else such as an autograph, merchandise or chatting with the band, will not happen. In fact, fans members, under their contract, are only required to show up.

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