Erie’s Premier Public Assembly Facility Introduces Wireless Technology Advancements

To make the patron experience more personal and of the highest quality at all Erie Events venues, free Wi-Fi service has been installed at the Erie Insurance Arena to kick off the fall and winter sports season. The service will dramatically benefit both patrons and tenants and provide them with the ability to capture and share their experiences. The added amenity, which will be available at all events, comes as the Erie Otters begin their season October 1st, 2016.

Erie based Internet and Technology Service Provider Velocity Network signed a five-year agreement with Erie Events to provide the bandwidth and hardware necessary to add Wi-Fi to the Erie Insurance Arena. The addition of Wi-Fi gives Erie Events the capability to provide free access to more than 407,000 patrons who attend events annually at the facility. Dozens of new access points were installed to cover all public spaces, locker rooms and backstage areas. Velocity Network deployed next generation access points from Ruckus Wireless to ensure the system can simultaneously service more than 6,000 patrons.

“Wireless connectivity enhances the patron experience and lets them share with friends and family, in real-time, the exciting events and memories they’re making at our venues,” said Casey Wells, Erie Events’ Executive Director. “This technological advancement supports our mission to provide world-class venues for everyone to enjoy. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding technology partner with the expertise to make this happen. It is another example of Velocity Network’s continuing commitment to our community.”

“Velocity Network is excited to provide this free service to the Erie community and patrons who visit the incredible venues managed by Erie Events. The addition of free Wi-Fi also opens up new opportunities for Erie Events to enhance the patron experience and meet the growing demands of the marketplace,” said Matt Wiertel, Director of Sales and Marketing for Velocity Network.

As part of the agreement, Velocity Network provided additional technology infrastructure upgrades that enable Erie Events to provide secure and scalable access to satisfy promoters and other tenants using the building.

With up to one gigabit of internet bandwidth available to the Erie Insurance Arena, the upgrades provide a smooth and seamless process to provide the technology infrastructure needed to meet the demands of today’s interactive experiences. “These devices ensure Erie Events can utilize the maximum Internet bandwidth provided to us from Velocity Network,” said Mike Bane, Erie Events’ IT Services Manager.

In addition to the Erie Insurance Arena, the Bayfront Convention Center is now fully equipped to provide free Wi-Fi service. The agreement with Velocity Network provided for the upgrade of the venue’s network with increased capacity and access points to better serve visitors to the Bayfront facility.

Planned renovation work at the historic Warner Theatre includes technology upgrades that will allow for free Wi-Fi in select areas of the theatre.

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