Mast Lights at the Bayfront Convention Center Updated with Innovative Technology

March 11, 2016 (Erie, PA) – A big switch at the Bayfront Convention Center provides a savings on electricity, less maintenance and a variety of color options. The staff at the Bayfront Convention Center made the changeover during December from high intensity discharge lamps to fiber optics that can now be controlled from one location.

The new light source stems from inside the facility running up to the top of each of the four masts, eliminating the need to access the tops of the masts in the future. The update was necessary for many reasons including the addition of the Courtyard Hotel attached to the BCC restricting crane access to change the lamps. The fiber optic system will save on electricity and will require little maintenance.

Different tenants who use the facility, local sports teams and schools, holidays and community initiatives can be recognized with the new system. For example, the fiber optic lights can be turned blue for Autism Awareness month, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month or yellow and blue during the playoffs for the Erie Otters. Each request to change the color of the lights will be handled on a case by case basis depending on the color options. There are six colors to choose from, red, green, blue, white, pink and yellow, with the default color for the lights shining blue.

The next available opportunity to see the lights in a different color will be from March 11th through March 18th. The lights will be green to recognize Saint Patrick’s Day.

mast lights

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