Popovich Comedy Pet Theater Comes to Erie

Tuesday, March 22nd Magic City Productions and CrossRhodes Entertainment welcome Popovich Comedy Pet Theater to the Warner Theater in Erie, PA.

Tickets for Popovich Comedy Pet Theater are $27.50, $22.50 and $12.50 (plus applicable fees and tax). Tickets go on-sale Friday, February 5th at 10am. Tickets are available at the Box office 809 French Street, Erie, PA  16501, charge by phone 814-452-4857 or on-line www.ErieEvents.com. Show starts at 7:30pm.

International Circus Star and more than 30 Shelter Rescued Pets Star in the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

USA Tour- The world famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of unique physical comedy, juggling, and balancing skills of internationally acclaimed award winner Gregory Popovich, and the extraordinary talents of his more than 30 pets: house cats, dogs, parrots, geese, and doves. All animals have been rescued from the animal shelters across the country.

“I have actually nicknamed my show ‘A Second Chance’ because that is what my cats and dogs have been given, a second chance at life,” Gregory Popovich says founder of The Comedy Pet Theater and author of “You Can Train Your Cat”.

The world famous Popovich Comedy Theater is going on a tour across America, from Los Angeles to New York, from Miami to Chicago. With a new production ND EVEN MORE RESUCUED ANIMALS ON STAGE. Gregory Popovich supports animal rescue shelter across the country and will be donating a percentage of the ticket sales to The Humane Society of America to raise the awareness of rescuing homeless pets. Over 30 rescued pets will be performing on stage as actors of this smash hit.

“The main idea of my show and of this tour is to raise awareness in our society about homeless pets.” Popovich says.

Throughout the show performance, audiences will be able to witness acts such as the Dog Classroom, the Amazing Housecats, and the Animal Train. Other acts in the show treat audiences to surprise appearances from more animal performers; including ferrets, white rats, and trained doves.

When asked how he trains dogs and cats for the show, Gregory explains, “Each animal has a special quirky thing they naturally like to do. I figure out what this trick or talent is, and then I just encourage them to do it in my show. When my pets are preforming, they are showing off their favorite tricks!”

Gregory Popovich is the author of “You Can Train Your Cats” a book where Gregory shares his secrets and the life he shares with his amazing animals.

Popovich goes on to illustrate an example. From a young age, one of his kittens always jumped on the back of his Wirehaired Fox Terrier when the dog would walk by. Gregory incorporated this ‘natural trick’ into the show, and now the act leaves audiences delighted and amazed as the cat climbs in the shoulders of the dog and enjoys a piggy back ride across the stage. “Before each performance we present an educational demonstration to children and pet lovers about the top five training tips, and proper caring for dogs and cats, while also answering all pet lover’s questions”.

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