A Day in the Life: Box Office Manager Explains Groupon Deals on Tickets

From the desk of Ann Noble, Erie Events Box Office Manager:

Groupon has been around since 2008, and we are beginning to see more and more offers extended to ticket purchasers locally.

Not every event offers a Groupon discount, but those that do tend to offer tickets at a 25-30% saving — not a bad deal considering the price of tickets these days! Here’s a little background as to how these offers work.

The show promoter works with Groupon to determine the specifics of the offer, such as discount price, amount of offers to be made available and how long the offer will run. After those factors are all ironed out, the promoter will contact the venue box office to set up the offer, right down to what seats to sell the patrons. Once purchased, the customer receives an email that outlines everything they need to know about redeeming the certificate. It’s all listed in the “fine print”, which , in reality, isn’t the tiny print we are used to, but a detailed explanation of the ticket pick up process and location. All you need to claim your tickets the day of the show is your original Groupon letter and photo ID.

Groupon has proven to be a great way to make it a little more affordable for you to come in, sit back and enjoy the show! We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events at the Erie Insurance Arena, Warner Theatre or the Bayfront Convention Center — Get up and Go!

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