A Day in the Life: BCC General Manager

From Jeff Esposito, General Manager of the Bayfront Convention Center:

I’m often asked what I like most about my job as a general manager. One of the things I like the most is that I get to work with a group of really great people. But, whjat’s even better is that sometimes I get to promote those people into full-time positions and watch them launch their careers. It’s especially nice when a current employee has developed the necessary skills to be promoted.

Recently, I had the pleasure of promoting four people. To me, this is probably the most fun part of my job. So without further adieu, I would like to introduce our three newest full-time team members at the BCC.

Louis Johnson was promoted to a full-time Operations Coordinator. Louis worked with us for two years in a part-time capacity. During that time, Louis learned all about the Bayfront Convention Center, from setting up tables and chairs, learning building policy and especially customer service. When an opportunity became available, Louis was ready. I congratulate him on his hard work and dedication.

Rachel Libra

Rachel Libra was promoted to a full-time event coordinator position. Rachel was on staff for a little more than a year before being promoted. Rachel handles the many details that go into producing successful meetings. Rachel advises our customers on building policy, menu choice, décor, seating arrangements, guest safety and more.

Jacob Juliano

Finally, I am happy to introduce Jacob Juliano. Jacob has been a part of the culinary team at the BCC for about two and a half years. He was recently promoted to First Cook Supervisor. In our kitchen that means Jacob is the Chef De Partie. Jacob manages several cooks and supervises daily food production.

As we celebrate their individual achievements, I also recognize the hard work, dedication and commitment of time from their supervisors. It was the supervisors that invested in training and mentoring Louis, Toby, Rachel and Jacob so they would be ready for their next opportunity.

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