A Day in the Life: Summer Time at the Warner Theatre

Hello Erie — Operations Manager of the Warner Theatre Barry Copple here!

Get Up and Go! It’s been a cold, long winter and nobody is happier than me to see Spring and Summer upon us! The Warner Theatre has been busy in 2015 and is now getting even busier. In June, we will host 14 events from graduations to dance reviews and receptions. Four local dance companies will perform their annual Spring Dance shows. Little’s Dance-O-Rama was on June 6th; Long’s School of Dance will perform June 12th and 13th; Marguerite’s Academy of Dance will take the stage June 19th and 20th; and Spotlight Dance Studios will perform June 26th. More than 8,000 people will attend those six performances.

After a busy June, our wedding and reception season will already be in full swing. This summer alone, we are hosting 12 receptions. Weird Al Yankovic will perform here July 10th at 8pm. Disney Live will perform two shows August 21st at 4pm and 7pm. Before you know it, Erie Broadway Series will start a new season in October which will run through April 2016 with six great shows. The Erie Philharmonic will return in September with another wonderful season of Symphony and Pops performances! So you see, we are really never without excitement here! There’s always something going on, always something leaving and always something to look forward too!

We can never forget the Warner as beautiful as it is, is always in need of repair or cleaning. Over the next several months, we will be in our summer cleaning and repair mode with items we might not otherwise have been able to tend to during the regular season. In the past 6-8 months, you may have noticed the historic Warner Box Office out front on State Street and the front doors have been restored. All the brass was cleaned, polished and sealed. This has significantly brightened up the front of the theatre!

I hope you found the latest installment of my blog interesting and informative. Come downtown for a show and check out the beautiful Warner Theatre!

Until next time, have a great summer and I’ll write again soon!


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