Hockey and Beer — They Go Together!

From the desk of Beth Wilkinson, the Erie Insurance Arena Concession Operations Manager:

Yes, hockey fans do love their beer.  During the last hockey game, there was a total of 7,662 individual beverages sold.  More than 5,000 of those were beer, and more than 4,000 were draft poured from 59 taps. And what goes with beer?  Pretzels and popcorn. 573 pretzels and 425 boxes of popcorn were sold the same night.

The arena uses a BLM (Beer Line Maintenance) system.  The BLM control unit generates a complex audio signal.  It transports this signal through the beer lines to create an unfriendly environment for yeast and bacteria cells to grow.  The prevention of yeast and bacteria contamination allows beer to flow from keg to glass without any deterioration in quality. This provides better tasting, brewery fresh draft.  Cleaner beer is better beer!

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