A Day in the Life: BCC Sales Manager

Hello! My name is Sandra Olsen and I am the Sales Manager at the Bayfront Convention Center. I began working here just over four years ago. I am responsible for selling the Corporate, Trade Show, Consumer Show and Entertainment Market Segments. Let’s just say this keeps me busy! We have events that range from as few as five guests up to more than 10,000 and everything in between! No two days here are alike.

We are likely to have the AKC Dog show in the BCC one week and a food show the next. Each event that is hosted here at the Bayfront Convention Center is so unique in their own way. We have had events that have brought in a train, carousel, reindeer, dunking booth, cars, RVs, 178 pool tables, a HOUSE, more than 800 dogs, 1,400 gymnasts, 100 Christmas Trees, more than 550 wrestlers, 30 wineries and in one evening we served more than 1,350 dinners between two separate banquets! WHEW! And that was just off the top of my head! I haven’t even mentioned the juggler, girls on swings, showgirls, or the Cirque De Soleil type acts during dinner!

I can’t really say I have a favorite event. I am excited to see them all come to the BCC and grow! The possibilities here are limitless! We have such a fantastic team here to help from Carolyn Phillips who keeps us all on track, to Mike Kelly who buys our wine, Dave Yusz who makes it all happen, Gwen O’Brien who makes sure the food and beverages get where they need to be, and my favorite guy EVER, Executive Chef David Robbinson! I look forward to the next call when I head … “Hey Sandra, I was thinking. Do you think we can do _______?” Because between us all, where there is a will there’s a way!

But seriously, I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people in my position here at the Bayfront Convention Center. I have booked a lot of Corporate meetings, sold thousands of tickets and helped some groups raise a lot of money for their non-profit group. It has been extremely fulfilling. I am truly blessed to have this beautiful venue to work in and the beautiful bay it sits on. Please call me when you need to book your next meeting or event. I will look forward to working with you!

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