A Day in the Life: BCC Operations Manager

From the desk of Mike Kelly, the operations manager at the BCC and the man behind choosing which wine is served at the venue:

When I first started with Erie Events in 2007 I was the Director of Food and Beverage.  One of my duties was to present a wine selection a notch above what is usually found in the Erie area.  I spoke with my wine representatives and produced a line of wines Erie could be proud of. I continue to do so today.

A question I often get is “how do you pick what wines you serve your customers?”  I select wines  I think are a good value for the dollar.  There are a lot of wines most people don’t know exist and are not available at the liquor stores on a daily basis.  These SLO wines (special liquor order) are what I am looking for – unknown to most, a great value and a very good wine.  Our wines constantly change so we can take advantage of a great value as it comes along.  I think our customers can attest to the value they receive!

It can be a tough job constantly tasting and selecting wines, but someone has to do it!

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