Box Office: From Building a Seat Map to Closing Out the Show

From the desk of Ann Noble, Box Office Manager:

People often ask what we do in the Box Office when we don’t have events. Well, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Most of our work is behind the scenes.  We are responsible for the set up, selling and final balancing of all ticket sales. Months of preparation go into each and every event.

Once a show is booked, sometimes up to a year in advance, we begin the process of building the event. This includes working with the show promoter to select a seat map that best fits their needs. Once a map is chosen, we then scale it according to the prices. We have events that are all one price as well as those that offer several price seats. For the events that offer several prices, it often takes many tries to get the map to the desired capacities for each price scale. Once the map is approved, we are provided with all of the other details i.e. final prices, any discounts, sale dates, radio giveaways, presales, etc.  After all is confirmed, we can get the show up and running on our ticketing system.

Fast forward to the day of the show.  If seats are sold on the floor, each seat is verified to the map to make sure everything is set up correctly.  Any last minute ticket requests from the show are fulfilled, and it’s time to open the doors.

Usually at intermission the box office closes. Final reports are pulled and given to the show promoter. Once all numbers are verified they will sign off on the event, officially ending the process.

All of this on top of 34 Otters games, 24 Bayhawks games, 6 Explosion games and a Broadway Season, they keep us pretty busy around here.

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