A Day in the Life: BCC Building & Grounds Superintendent

For Dave Yusz, the Building and Grounds Superintendent at the Bayfront Convention Center, there are no two days that are the same. From room setups to mechanical repairs, snow plowing to coordinating events from start to finish — you name it, he does it.

Yusz has been with Erie Events for about the last ten years, most recently being promoted from a Crew Leader at Erie Insurance Arena to his current position at the BCC five years ago.

He refers to himself as the “Jack of All  trades,” handling any job that comes his way, working what he says seems to be 24/7, 365. But, he doesn’t mind because he says he wants the job done to his standard.

The job is face-paced with something always on his plate. He supervises crews, does paperwork and coordinates nearly everything in the building.

One of the most recent, exciting events he worked was when former First Lady Laura Bush was in Erie as part at the Jefferson Educational Society’s Global Summit where she spoke at the BCC. It was a busy day as Yusz had to coordinate with the Secret Service from lighting, to seating, to where Bush’s car would enter the building, plus heating and crowd control. He coordinated an entire building sweep with the Secret Service and had to stay at the BCC during the entire event in case there was an emergency.

There’s never a dull day at the BCC as he deals with large groups of up to a couple thousand down to small groups of ten people. It’s a rewarding job as he coordinates to please all customers at the BCC.


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