A Day in the Life: BCC Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Phillips

My name is Carolyn Phillips.  I am the Administrative Assistant for the Bayfront Convention Center.  I have been with the convention center since its opening in 2007.

I have various duties in the handling of all the functions of the administrative offices of the convention center.

My primary focus is to do all the contracts for every event at the convention center. I send out the contract, keep track of all the necessary paperwork required to produce the event, handle collecting the payments, send out the invoices and follow up for any final payments.

I am the first line of contact for the convention center and I especially like having that one on one contact with our guests. The convention center is a busy venue.  We have a large variety of different events at the center which keeps it new and exciting.  With the addition of another hotel on our property, we will be opening up the convention center to more and larger events.  I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community asset!

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