Successful Rock the Lakes Event at EIA

lines outside

the masses

Rock the Lakes took over Erie Insurance Arena Saturday and Sunday as Erieites and visitors rocked the Arena.

Crews came into town to set up the massive stage Friday for the two-day Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The free event brought in around 14,000 people to enjoy the community-wide outreach program.

The Erie County Convention Center Authority was prepared for the large crowds with overflow seating to view the live program at the Warner Theatre.

The Authority also had the ability to show the live event at Jerry Uht Park if needed, but the Arena and Warner had enough seats.

The event finished up around 8:30pm Sunday night with crews tearing down the set and leaving town around 11:30pm Sunday.

Up next at the Arena is the Otters home opener on October 4 and Theresa Caputo on October 5.

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